Lets take a small break from the design style series and make room for a collab! It's my first interior design related collab and I couldn't be more excited!

This week I received some beautiful succulents and cacti from Plantiful in my mailbox which I absolutely adore. Each succulent has a different name, mine are called: Nathan and Beyoncé. Jay Z where you at?!

"My life would succ without you"

The reason why I love them so much is because of the low maintenance. Succulents just need enough sunlight, some water once a month and time for the soil to dry out. This is perfect for me since I didn't have any plants to take care of before. On the Plantiful website you find a lot of tips for taking care of your specific succulent.

Every succulent comes in a beautiful pot and if you don't know which pots and succulents to combine, Plantiful got your back with their own combinations! I chose a simple white pot and a bigger white/ gold one. I also got a key chain with a little cactus inside, how cute is that!

Another thing that makes Plantiful so special are the wooden plant labels with a little quote on them or your own customized text. Like congrats, get well soon or your own name etc.

You can click on the links to check out their website and buy your own succulents. I know I'm going to love and enjoy mine for a looong time!

40 keer bekeken
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